Efficient storage and transport of steel profiles, aluminum, stainless pipes or flat iron by moving them outside the rack

  •  100% extendable arms
  •  Easy to roll out at any time
  •  A quick and safe way of working
  •  Ideal for transport of profiles with a crane
  •  Compact storage system with a clear overview
  •  Only 1 person required
  •  Number of drawers and loading capacitiy can be determined by the customer

Compact storage of aluminum profiles, stainless steel, hollow sections, iron angels, etc. in rolling out drawers

This roll out cantilever rack is suitable for the compact storage of long profiles. Pipes, bars, hollow sections, flat iron, strips, … are stored in an orderly manner. The arms can be completely extended with a crank which guarantees a complete and full access to each profile. Since the handling is done in only one movement and since the open drawer is located outside the rack, this kind of rack is the solution for a safe and quick storage of your profiles.

In this roll-out cantilever rack you can store profiles of 3, 6, 12, 15 or even 20 meters. The client chooses the number of drawers, the depth and the loading capacity per drawer. The individual height per drawer can also be determined by the customer. In other words, the particularies of the roll-out cantilever rack are completely adjusted to the needs of the customer.

Video: Transport of steel profiles, pipes and flat iron with a crane from the roll-out cantilever rack

With little effort the drawer is brought outside the rack by using a handle. Thanks to the drawers which are 100% extendable, you have full access to each profile. Therefore it's an easy system for loading or unloading long materials.

Would you prefer to extract the drawers manually instead of using a handle? Take a look at our storage of profiles with extractable drawers.

Steel profiles, easy to load and unload with the loading crane thanks to the 100% extendable drawers

Each extractable drawer is completely accessible outside the rack which allows quick and easy loading or unloading of all sorts of profiles.

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