Cantilever with pivoting arms

Efficient storage of long materials - steel profiles, tubes, pipes, bars, angle iron,...

  • Compact and secure storage system
  • The cantilever arms are completely extendable outside the rack
  • Easy and fast access
  •  Secure and save in handling
  •  Time saving: less labour time
  •  Up to 2000 kg per drawer
  •  Usage of crane, no forklift needed
  •  Single-sided or double-sided racks
  • Only 1 person required for handling

Compact storage of long profiles = round, square, flat, rectangular profile- tube- bar- strip – angle iron in steel, aluminum, stainless steel, …

This cantilever with pivoting arms is ideal for the storage of tubes, bars, profiles, angle iron in steel, aluminum, stainless steel, … In this cantilever rack, you can store long profiles of 3 m and 6 m. Your profiles are directly accessible because the levels can be completely extended from the cantilever rack. The drawers are then free for loading and unloading profiles with a crane.

The cantilever racks with pivoting arms is available in 12 different models. Materials with a length up to 3000 mm or up to 6000 m can be stored in single- or double-sided models with 5, 6 , 7 loading levels. The maximum loading capacity per level is 2000 kg. Accordingly, the total capacity can go up to 28,000 kg per 21 square meters (7 levels – double sided).

  Model 5 levels Model 6 levels Model 7 levels
  Single-sided Double-sided Single-sided Double-sided Single-sided Double-sided
Rack height 2,440 mm 2,440 mm 2,440 mm 2,440 mm 2,440 mm 2,440 mm
Drawer depth 500 mm 500 mm 500 mm 500 mm 500 mm 500 mm
Drawer height 274 mm 274 mm 209 mm 209 mm 164 mm 164 mm
Quantity of drawers 5 10 (2x5) 6 12 (2x6) 7 14 (2x7)
Loading capacity/drawer 2,000 kg 2,000 kg 2,000 kg 2,000 kg 2,000 kg 2,000 kg
Loading capacity/rack 10,000 kg 20,000 kg 12,000 kg 24,000 kg 14,000 kg 28,000 kg

For other dimensions or loading capacity, have a look at the possibilities of the roll out rack.

The roll out rack is suitable for profiles of 6m -12m -15m or 20m, with a loading capacity of more than 2,000 kg. With the roll out rack you can determine the loading capacity and the dimensions of the levels.

Video: storage of profiles, tubes, bars, steel strip, flat bars, angle iron in steel, stainless steel, metals, …

With the support arms, you can securely extract every drawer from the rack. When you have manually extended the drawer, the profiles, pipes or other long materials are completely available for transport. In this way, you can easily load profiles with the loading bridge or with the loading crane.

Would you like to roll out the drawer with a crank instead of manually pulling it out? Take a look at our storage of profiles in rolling out drawers.

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