Metal sheet rack vertical

Efficient storage and handling of metal sheets or metal sheet rest pieces

  • All drawers can be pulled out 100%, outside the rack
  • Compact storage method, can be placed near the machine
  • Clear structure and overview of metal sheets and rest pieces
  • Drawers equipped with non-skid strips
  • Fast and safe handling
  • Every sheet immediately available
  • Only 1 person required
  • Time saving, less labour time needed

Clear overview of and direct access to all your metal sheet rest pieces

The metal sheet rack vertical is ideal for a compact storage of all your metal sheets and rest pieces. Every drawer can be pulled out directly and provide a direct access to your desired metal sheet. The considerable amount of time gained when storing or extracting your metal sheet will significantly reduce your costs.

The maximum length of the metal sheets is 6000 mm. The loading capacity for the drawers depends on the model: light version is 400 kg, the heavy load version is 1000 kg or 2000 kg per drawer.

It’s a very compact system: 20 drawers on wheels with a width of only 2500 mm! (depending the model)

Sheet dimensions Type Loading space Rack height Loading capacity Quantity of drawers Rack width
2000 x 1000 mm BML 100-50 45 mm 1405 mm 400 kg 8 - 25 1145 - 3015 mm
2500 x 1250 mm BML 125-50 45 mm 1655 mm 350 kg 8 - 25 1170 - 3040 mm
3000 x 1500 mm BML 150-50 45 mm 1905 mm 300 kg 8 - 25 1190 - 3060 mm
2000 x 1000 mm BM 100 75 mm 1510 mm 1000 kg 6 - 20 1220 - 3740 mm
2500 x 1250 mm BM 125 75 mm 1760 mm 1000 kg 6 - 20 1250 - 3770 mm
3000 x 1500 mm BM 150 75 mm 2010 mm 1000 kg 6 - 20 1280 - 3800 mm

Video: Storage of metal heets and residual material

This vertical storage system for metal sheets and residual material guarantees direct access to every drawer and subsequently every metal sheet. The drawers, equipped with wheels, can completely be pulled out of the rack. As soon as you open the desired drawer, you gain access to your desired metal sheet. The metal sheets are stored compactly and in an orderly manner for a clear overview of all your metal rest pieces.

Overview of all your metal sheets thanks to the browse function

The vertical rack is equipped with a browse function. With this, you can browse your sheets and it provides a good overview.

Direct acces to the desired metal sheet.

Storage of Dibon and Forex sheets is possible.

No more damage to your sheets thanks to the easy access.

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